Block Party Picnic

Starting at $13 per person

Two sandwiches or entrees Two appetizers One salad Two sides

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Patio Picnic

Starting at $11 per person

One sandwich -or- entree Two appetizers One salad One side

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Backyard Picnic

Starting at $9 per person

One sandwich or entree One appetizer One salad OR side

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Lotta Lunch! Buffet Style Lunches

Starting at $10 per person

Sandwich and salad bar Soup and sandwich bar Salad and soup bar Taco bar Potato bar Italian bar Other specialty bar menus and pricing available upon request. All buffet lunches include dessert displays. Buffet style lunches require a 2 business-day notice for all orders.

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Lighter Boxed Lunch

Starting at $8 per person

  Choose either: Full Sandwich Side Salad Chips Homemade Dessert OR Specialty Full Salad Choice Roll with Butter Slice of Fresh Fruit Homemade Dessert

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